BioShock Infinite opens poll for second cover

After the BioShock Infinite box art (above) received a notably tepid reception from the gaming community, series creator Ken Levine chipped in with a very frank and honest explanation. Essentially: This cover isn't for you, Mr. Informed Gamer, it's for the frat houses because the game needs to sell. But he promised that the company would release downloadable covers that players could print out on their own. Now, it's actually doing one better.

A post from Levine on the Irrational site announces that in addition to the downloadable covers, the game will include one reversible cover as voted on by fans. Polling is now open with six available options. Right now, the fourth cover is running away with it, a mostly monochromatic theater poster styled design. The sixth cover, a familiar piece of game art featuring Elizabeth and Songbird, is its closest competitor, and the other four have been left in the dust. Polling is open until next Wednesday, December 19.

Chances are the losing five will still be available among the downloadable selections, but Levine promises "a whole mess of MORE alternate covers." He also invites fans to talk about cover ideas on the game's forum.