Nuketown Zombies hits Black Ops 2 for Xbox season pass holders

Here in modern times, we have realized that the best way to release DLC is to stagger it in multiple tiers according to platform, premium membership, eye color, and name. So, Xbox 360 owners of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 with a DLC season pass, you may now download the Nuketown Zombies map, provided you also have hazel eyes and are named June.

Nuketown Zombies was already released to people who nabbed the Hardened and Care Package editions of Cod Blops 2, but this marks the beginning of its general availability. It's a bonus on top of the four DLC map packs the season pass gets you.

Call of Duty DLC hits Xbox 360 first, thanks to one of those silly exclusivity arrangements. Nuketown Zombies is due on other platforms "a little later," Activision's official blogger Dan Amrich says. Look, zombies!

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