Late Night Computing: December 11, 2012

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Not too much going on in the gaming world today, adding to the overall slow December season. Other than Christmas shopping, any Shackers out there planning something fun over the holidays? We usually go to the movie theatres and out to eat on New Years Eve, but I feel like doing something different this year. Time to get out of this rut!

News bits:

  • Warner Brothers releases the second official trailer for Man of Steel. Brandon Routh is still Supes in my book. [via Youtube]

  • Netflix ranks the performance of Internet connections in the United States, where Google Fiber dominates the competition. Where does your service provider rank? [via Netflix]

  • A DePaul University professor discusses why Blizzard's Starcraft II should be taught in schools. [via Fast Company]

  • FedEx has been systematically overcharging its customers with "higher residential rates." [via Bloomberg]

  • Bored? Follow this flowchart to find the best board game for you and friends to play! [via Tumblr]

Chatty posts of the moment.

Make sure you log-in and check your filters if you can't see the following:

  • "MechWarrior Online. Let's talk giant robots for a second. I really do feel that this game is turning into some sort of DOTA style game where, if you want to play in a group, you must practice and have a hardcore group to play with. This kind of goes against the appeal of playing with other shackers. The appeal of playing with shackers (to me at least) is that you can generally jump in to any game and enjoy yourself. You have an hour or two of fun then you go back to normal life a little more refreshed. " [by fadetofunk]

  • "Far Cry 3. There's nothing more infuriating than painstakingly stealth-killing dudes in a base, only for the last guy to spot you and robbing you of that sweet 1500xp bonus. It's gotten to the point where it's safer for me to use the RPG and silenced sniper from a distance, as they wont raise the alarm as long as they don't see you. What are your tactics for stealth-killing bases fellow shackers?" [by utgaardsloke]

Nightly file.

  • Fistful of Frags mod version 3.8 for Half-Life 2. "Fistful of Frags is a first person shooter set in the Old West times. Take part in frenzy team versus shootouts or play cooperative games against AI managed enemies. Most of the classic black powder guns are available, in single or dual wield setup." Download the mod for Windows.


Metro: Last Light Genesis gameplay trailer:

BOOM video 14366

BioWare launches the 1.6 update for Star Wars: The Old Republic, March of the Eagles gets a new gameplay trailer, and Aliens: Colonial Marines hatches some new screenshots.

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