Big Sky Infinity coming to PS3, Vita today

The dual stick shooter Big Sky Infinity is coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita today. The game will cost you $9.99, and getting it on either platform unlocks the other to boot. They each have their own multiplayer modes, but are otherwise similar.

Naturally, as a dual-stick shooter, the enemies and obstacles are randomly generated to force quick reactions. The PlayStation Blog lists the single-player modes as Classic, in which you upgrade your ship, the much more difficult Nightmare, the survival mode Pacifism, and the endurance-styled Infinity. The game also offers "Events," random elements that occur every so often like summoning a Black Hole, Worm Hole, or the Hell Cascade.

On PS3, you can play with up to three friends cooperatively for multiplayer. On Vita, the multiplayer is an asynchronous high score challenge. Check out the trailer below.