Guild Wars 2 Wintersday celebrations start Friday

Ooh, aren't holidays with the family trying? Skip all that fuss by logging onto Guild Wars 2 to celebrate this secular period of colder weather in the Northern hemisphere. With its Wintersday festivities kicking off on Friday, ArenaNet has shared the event timetable and a new trailer teasing the treats to come.

The event page has the full rundown, from snowball fights to a Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle. The toymaker Tixx will be slowly touring Tyria in his honking great airship to deliver gifts, but come December 20 it'll be overrun by naughty toys bent on smashing the workshop. Only you can save Winterval!

Guild Wars 2's microtransaction store, The Black Lion Trading Company, will be jazzed up for the season too, selling new festive town clothes and merry weapons.

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