Sportsfriends scores Kickstarter goal

Propose something nostalgic and people will whip their wallets out, but ask for help with something new and you may lose all faith in this so-called culture. Fortunately, the phenomenal Sportsfriends managed to narrowly hit its crowd-funding target in the final day, after an awful struggle. Rejoice! J.S. Joust and several other wonderful, wonderful local multiplayer games will receive a proper release.

The Kickstarter campaign ended yesterday with $152,451, just over its $150k goal. Half of the funding arrived only in the last few days, and it only leaped across the finish line with 9 hours left.

Sportsfriends is a merry big bundle of competitive local sport-ish games. Along with the wonderful first-person shover J.S. Joust, which uses PlayStation Move controllers to govern a big game of shoving, it packs Hokra, Super Pole Riders, and BaraBariBall. These fine games have been big on the indie event scene but hard to get your hands on for keeps.

With funding secured, Sportsfriends will be formally released for PC and PlayStation 3, starting October 2013-ish. Thanks, Internet, for bringing some hope to video games.