Street Fighter X Mega Man coming free to PC

With Street Fighter's 25th anniversary wrapping up, and Mega Man's about to begin, Capcom is celebrating the two with Street Fighter X Mega Man, a fan-made free cross-over game. Or, more accurately, it's wisely choosing not to shut down a fan project as so many publishers would, and supporting the platformatron as a free "official" release.

Made by Seow Zong Hui with music from A_Rival, SFXMM is a new Mega Man platformer pitting the jumpy android against Street Fighter characters, stealing their powers like some sort of robovampire. Capcom's offered feedback and approval, but that pair did the heavy lifting.

Street Fighter X Mega Man is coming free to PC on December 17. Check out Capcom's announcement blog post for more, and peep this trailer:

BOOM video 14355