The Path dev's Bientot l'ete dated for next week

Tale of Tales has proved curiously controversial for a two-person team, attracting a remarkable amount of fury because of games like The Path and The Graveyard. Are games art? Are art games pretentious? Are Tale of Tales games games? Will you stop these inane questions? We've all grown up a little since, haven't we, so let's quietly await the launch of Bientôt l'été next week.

Bientôt l'été ("Summer Soon," roughly, in French) is a two-player date game of sorts, where you go for a stroll then chat with a stranger online. Tale of Tales says on the official site, "Take long walks at the seaside, thinking about love. Meet a stranger. Go to the café, sit and drink wine and talk. And then you are silent. And you start longing for the sea."

Tale of Tales' games don't always live up to the dreams they conjure, but they're usually quite pleasing, and I'm glad they're making them. The return to multiplayer is interesting, following several single-player games. ToT's last online game was The Endless Forest, a deer frolicking simulator with no goal and only a few honking calls and gestures to interact with other deer. Once again, communication between strangers within constraints seems to be a theme.

Bientôt l'été will hit PC and Mac next Wednesday. Look, a short trailer: