Build-o-FPS Ace of Spades launches next week

Toss Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 into a blender and you'll end up with a horrible jagged mess of bits which could take your eye out. Draw influences from those games, however, and you may make something like build-o-destroy-a-FPS Ace of Spades, which publisher Jagex has announced will launch next week.

The voxelicious FPS lets you build and smash things like in Minecraft, except it's competitive and has jolly big guns. Modes on offer include smashing the enemy's base in Demolition, team deathmatch, taking turns to defend bases from the enemy teams planting bombs in Occupation, zombie survival, and trying to mine the most diamonds in Diamond Mine.

If you were to cast an eye over the Ace of Spades forums, you'd think that Jagex had wholly ruined the game since picking it up from the small indie team which created it. The Runescape publisher oversaw additions like classes with sentry guns and jetpacks, and generally video game-ified it, which a vocal contingent are none too pleased with. That's the Internet for you, though.

See for yourself when Ace of Spades arrives on December 12, priced at $10. Look, a class trailer:

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