Trials Evolution: Riders of Doom DLC celebrates apocalypse

When the world as we know it ends on December 21, the survivors will need to find a way to live with their new cruel, hard, miserable existence. Fortunately, we already have a fine cruelty simulator in Trials Evolution, and RedLynx is releasing new DLC later this month to add a post-apocalyptic spin, named Riders of Doom.

Riders of Doom will add 40 new tracks set in the apocalyptic Big Sand Lands, along 10 more Skill Games, "hundreds" of extra editor items, and the powerful new Banshee motorbike. It'll cost $5 (400 Microsoft Points). We can only hope it arrives before Armageddon, so we might get a bit of training in before everything falls apart.

Trials Evolution is coming to PC early next year, if we're still here, complete with all the tracks from Xbox 360 exclusive Trials HD.

We have a few Riders of Doom screenshots, and here's the announcement trailer:

BOOM video 14329