Microsoft denied Killer Instinct trademark renewal

For years, Microsoft has been hearing cries to rerelease, revamp, or otherwise revitalize the classic arcade fighter Killer Instinct. But in an apparent attempt to renew the trademark, the company has been denied by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Polygon reports that the USPTO denied Microsoft's request to renew the trademark due to a "likelihood of confusion" with another mark, (no. 3370331). That mark was filed by FOX Television Studios. The USPTO claims the video game from 1996 may cause market confusion with a newer property, a short-lived television show called Killer Instinct from 2005.

Microsoft has six months (from November 29) to respond to the USPTO, or it will be considered to have abandoned the trademark application. We first heard that Microsoft had applied for the renewal in September, but whatever the publisher had planned, it has to find a way around this roadblock before it can proceed.