Star Trek: Elite Force 2 co-op mod completed after 6 years

Few people as devoted to games as modders, who toil away on labours of love long after Joe Player has forgotten the game even existed. Take Star Trek: Elite Force II. You may have heard of Ritual's boldly-going FPS, and perhaps played and enjoyed it, but mod team HaZardModding has spent six years converting the single-player campaign to co-op. Now, it's finally completed.

"Everyone has one game that is THE GAME, your love, if you will," founder Christian Strah explained in the announcement. "No other game can ever replace the relationship you had with that game or even get close to it. For me that Game was Star Trek: Elite Force II." As one does, he decided to express this love with a co-op mod, boldly starting by himself before recruiting help.

The latest version, released on Friday, finally packs Elite Force 2's entire single-player campaign, secret levels and all. Download it here. The rudimentary first edition came out way back in 2007.

Of course, just because the mod's completed, that doesn't mean it's finished. The team still plan to improve the AI, touch up several levels, and co-op-ify the single-player campaign mod A Gate two Birds and the Beautiful Sky.

Here's how the co-op mod looked in 2009: