Rage: The Scorchers DLC detailed through new achievements

Originally outed this summer, it appears "The Scorchers" DLC for Rage is finally inching closer to release. A new set of trophies for the PS3 version of the game have popped up, confirming the impending release of the add-on whilst shedding some light on what to expect.

The Scorchers were originally intended to be a clan in the original release of the game. The upcoming DLC expansion appears to offer not only new missions, but weapons and mini-games to play through as well.

Five trophies are specifically tied to completing missions in the add-on campaign, so we can expect at least five missions. Other trophies discovered by PS3Trophies.org detail two mini-games: Roly-Poly and Video Poker. Finally, there are two achievements tied to using weapons in a specific way.

Oddly, Bethesda has yet to officially announce this expansion. One wonders exactly how much marketing muscle they'll put behind an add-on to a game that is already over a year old.