Alien vs Predator 2 Coming

by Maarten Goldstein, Jul 06, 2000 10:51am PDT
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Fox Interactive has announced that Monolith will be developing the sequel to Alien versus Predator, based on the latest version of the Lithtech engine. The original game, which I thought was pretty cool btw, was developed by Rebellion. There aren't too many details on the game right now, but they promise these will be announced in the near future.

``We are excited to confirm that a sequel is, in fact, happening and is being developed by Monolith,'' said David Stalker, Producer of ``Aliens versus Predator.'' ``We've listened to the hard-core sci-fi fans and devoted gamers of the original AVP and we are developing a story-driven plot, which will be the cornerstone of the sequel.''


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  • Lithtech is POOP!!! POOP I say!!

    The first game pissed me off in a lot of ways, but was probably one the scariest damm games I every played..that damm motion tracker going off and no knowing where the hell the bugs where...Rebellion screwed up because they didnt make any plans to have user mods for the game, it was a pain in the ass to edit. I bet those tools at Monolith do the same damm thing. Dont forget to pickup your copy of KISS:Psycho-Circus!! Is it just me or is that the stupidest fucking idea for a game ever made?

    SpiderGoat rules BTW, all worship him.

  • From Voodooextreme:

    Wondering WTF is up with the Voodoo5 6000? So was I, so I figured that it was a good time to ask 3dfx's PR man-steak, Brian Burke. Here's his response:

    3dfx is concentrating on maximizing revenues while we ride out our component shortage and executing on future product releases. For the near future, this means making sure the 5500 series is successful. I do not think it is any secret that giving out dates prematurely has hurt our company in the past. The V5 6000 product is in development. We will be releasing the V5 6000 this summer. When the release date solidifies, we will make sure everyone knows what it is.

    Senior PR Manager
    3dfx, Inc.

    So "this summer"...I thought it was Summer now? ;) (ok, so it doesn't end for a while, but still, for those of us that had the late-June/early July in mind, this bites)...