Primordia demo samples rusty robot adventure

Do you like rickety robots? Do you like adventure games? Do you- no, I'm not talking about Machinarium. The rickety robot adventure game in question is Primordia, a grimmer and grimier affair which you can try out now in a demo released ahead of next week's launch on PC.

As we rightfully should be, humanity is dead and gone in the world of Primordia. Man the mouse for fierce point-and-clicking action as Horatio Nullbuilt ventures into the mysterious city of Metropol to find his stolen power source, ably assisted by comedy sidekick Crispin. You'll need to solve puzzles and things--you know, adventure game stuff.

You can pre-order Primordia from GOG for $7.99, or direct from Wadjet for $8.99, who're also selling an exclusive boxed edition for $20 only up until the game launches on December 5. It's developed by newcomer Wormwood Studios and published by Wadjet Eye Games, the name that's brought us adventure games including Gemini Rue and Resonance.

Observe, moving images, 'motion pictures' if you will:

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