Deus Ex retexture mod New Vision completed

If you'd like to replay Deus Ex but are put off by the year 2000 graphics, you're a monster. Fortunately, dear monster, help is at hand. While the USA was off giving thanks for something or other last week, the real cause for celebration was that the final version of high-res retexturing mod New Vision was released, giving even the most monstrous of monsters no excuse not to revisit this classic. New Vision replaces Deus Ex's level textures with new versions in the same style. Check out these comparison shots between the original Deus Ex and an older version of New Vision, and expect it to look even fancier now. Snag the 1.1GB download here. "I'd like to sincerely thank everyone in the community for their support over the years; without you, I wouldn't have had the motivation to continue working on this project for 5 years of my life," lead texture artist David Watts said in the announcement. Lovely folks, the mod community. Personally I'm a sucker for the classic look, digging that real millennial vibe, though you may be a monster. "But the level geometry is so blocky!" you might still grumble. Out. Get out.

Lookin' good, Area 51