Yoshi's Land sounds like a Wii U sequel to Yoshi's Island

The previously leaked Yoshi's Land has resurfaced yet again. And based on a newly outed product listing, it sounds like the Wii U adventure is, indeed, a continuation of the Yoshi's Island series of games.

According to a new product listing on Best Buy's website (via MTV Multiplayer), the Wii U game promises to "take Yoshi on an epic adventure to remember." In addition to the requisite HD graphics, the description notes "dual-screen control" and "full integration with Nintendo's Miiverse service."

The touch screen could certainly make aiming eggs in a 2D adventure much easier. Miiverse functionality will likely be similar to that of New Super Mario Bros U, which lets players leave tips on the game map for others to discover. However, unlike Nintendo's flagship Mario game, Yoshi promises to use both the TV and the GamePad. It'll be interesting to see how Nintendo utilizes two screens for this new adventure.