Nintendo announces 3DS XL holiday bundle with Mario Kart 7

With the end-of-the-year holidays come end-of-the-year sales. Yay! In that spirit, Nintendo is hoping to entice you to purchase one of their plus-sized handhelds by unveiling a limited-edition 3DS XL Bundle that comes with Mario Kart 7, pre-installed. Folks interested grabbing the bundle will be able to choose between either black or blue color schemes for the device. The MSRP for the 3DS XL is normally $199.99, and Mario Kart 7 retails for $39.99, so the bundle is basically a great way to save forty bucks if you were thinking about getting the system and Mario's latest Kart outing anyway. Not a bad little bonus, if you ask us. The 3DS XL Bundle will be available at retail on December 2. For more on the XL, read our hardware review.

An example of how size can matter.