Elite: Dangerous video shows sky rockets in flight

A shocking rash of industry veterans hopping on the crowd-funding gravy train lately have banked on selling the idea by reputation alone, with very little to say about the actual game they're planning to make. David Braben's Kickstarter for Elite: Dangerous was one of these sorry pitches, but after a fortnight it's finally shown off some gameplay footage.

The early action shows two players chasing through an asteroid field, pew-pewing while Braben chats about plans for the game. An awful lot is placeholder, but you do get to see spaceships in space, which has historically been a crucial element of the Elite series.

Frontier is seeking a whopping £1,250,000 ($2 million-ish) to make the game. With 39 days to go, it's sitting just shy of £600,000. Considering how little Frontier had to say about the game at first, it's an impressive total, and we should expect Elite: Dangerous to hit the goal.