Hulu Plus hitting Wii U today

Nintendo was apparently hedging its bets a bit when it claimed video services would come to the Wii U "in the coming weeks." Netflix came at launch, and Hulu Plus is available starting today -- less than a week after the console's launch. But better to under-promise and over-deliver, right?

The Hulu Blog announced the launch of its app, and walked through some of the second-screen features. You'll be able to check out additional info on your TV shows using the second screen, or switch to watching your show from the second screen. Yes, that means you can take 30 Rock with you into the bathroom like you've always wanted, assuming your bathroom is within the Wii U's range.

The blog also promises easy, touch-based navigation and queuing, and a dedicated "Hulu Kids" section with more than 40 commercial-free, kid-friendly shows. This is similar to a Netflix initiative that started rolling out last year.