Jetpack Joyride jumps to PS3, Vita, and PSP today

Halfbrick's hit mobile game Jetpack Joyride is coming to PlayStation systems today, including the PlayStation 3, Vita, and even the PSP. It's being categorized as a PlayStation Mini, and includes the bells and whistles of the popular iOS and Android versions--for a higher price.

According to the PlayStation.Blog, the game promises 12 jetpacks, more than a dozen costumes, and various Gadgets to buy from "the Stash." This version also revises the Gadgets into a tiered system, requiring you to work your way towards the more powerful Gadgets. You'll also have the Sansei look from the start, and a free Head Start, Quick Revive, and Final Blast utility available for each new game save data.

The game will cost you $3.99, which is pretty steep compared to its free status on iOS and Android.