Telltale expanding studio size starting next year

Adventure studio Telltale Games has a bona fide hit on its hands in The Walking Dead, and the company has now announced it is expanding to handle a larger workload. This spring, Telltale will begin an expansion plan that will continue through the next few years.

The expansion applies to both the physical space and number of employees. It has signed a lease on a new office with nearly double the space, and the new building will support up to 160 employees compared to its current 125. The company says it will be expanding its staff over the next few years. This is after the studio has already doubled in size over the past two years.

"We've maxed out where we're at," CEO and co-founder Dan Connors told the North Bay Business Journal (via Develop). "Civic Center will give us room we need to grow our team and take on more projects on a yearly basis."

One of those projects will certainly be Season Two of The Walking Dead. The Season One finale, No Time Left, is debuting this week. Check out our review for more details.