OpenFeint shutting down on December 14th

Mobile achievements provider OpenFeint will be shutting down its service on December 14th, the company has announced. The cross-platform service was available in a number of iOS and Android games, including Fruit Ninja, Tiny Wings, The Moron Test, Robot Unicorn Attack, and more.

The service is being discontinued in favor of GREE, the service of OpenFeint's new parent company.

While it's likely developers of the service's most popular games will make the transition quite easily, other games that utilize OpenFeint may not have the resources to update the game to the new service. OpenFeint warns that certain games will feature a "poor player experience" after December 14th, should games not be updated.

Users that currently use OpenFeint will have their user information, including achievement points and friends, transition to GREE if they choose to create a new account on their service.