Fuse pre-orders get skins, weapons perk

Insomniac's Fuse, previously known as Overstrike, has spilled the pre-order bonus details in preparation for its March 2013 launch. Those who plunk down a bit of early funding will get a head-start in the multiplayer game, including armor and weapon skins, and bonus weapon damage.

To be more exact, you'll get four Hyperion Prototype armor skins, four more weapon skins, and the "Quickdraw" team perk. This gives all one-handed weapons a damage boost, and that goes for everyone in your squad. If nothing else, the rest of your team will appreciate you for it.

Fuse is Insomniac's first multiplatform title, after years of developing Sony-exclusive franchises like the Ratchet and Resistance series. Both of those were known for their inventive weaponry, and Fuse focuses on experimental "fuse" weapons. That makes it sound like a good fit for the developer, but if you want to see some more detail, check out a lengthy trailer Insomniac recently released.

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