StarCraft 2 opening up global servers

When StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty launched over two years ago, Blizzard saw fit to lock players up in regional servers, unable to play with all their chums from the four corners of this flat Earth. After years of grumbling from players, Blizzard is finally preparing to change this and open up all servers to everyone.

Currently, player accounts are locked to the region their CD key is from. North Americans can't play with Europeans, Europeans with Koreans, and so on. For those of us with eFriends all over the place, i.e. everyone playing games on the Internet, it's a nuisance. The only way around it has been to buy another copy with a key from each other region you wish to play in.

"In the coming months," Blizzard explains in a blog post, an upcoming patch will fix this. Everyone will be able to play on any region, using a client still in their own language. You'll have a separate profile on each server, meaning rankings and all that won't carry over--a plus for those who fancy trying out a different race without messing up their ranking.

StarCraft's switching to the way global servers work in Blizzard's Diablo 3, basically.

Handily, this'll also help you dodge server maintenance, simply by jumping to another region which is still up and running. More details are promised "soon."