Grand Theft Auto 5 bigger than Red Dead, San Andreas, and GTA4 combined

Rockstar wasn't kidding when it said Grand Theft Auto 5's Los Santos will be the biggest world they've created in a game. In fact, according to the just-released Game Informer cover story, the world is bigger than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas, and Grand Theft Auto 4... combined.

There are many reasons why GTAV is so big. Rockstar head Sam Houser said he was interested in doing a proper take on Los Angeles, something the company didn't feel like it achieved with the PS2 San Andreas. And unlike previous GTA games, there's a lot of verticality to explore: whether it's the skies above the city, or the ocean below. Yes, apparently the ocean floor is fully detailed and can be explored.

Rockstar is convincingly making the argument that GTAV is big. Of course, there's that old adage: it's not just about how big it is, but what you do with it as well. For more details, check out Game Informer.