Call of Duty Elite services extended for Modern Warfare 3 early adopters

Call of Duty Elite's launch last year was by no means smooth. In fact, Activision offered an olive branch for fans that struggled to access the for-pay services, as the servers were hammered by hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic Call of Duty fans. Elite memberships were extended by 30 days to account for the long service outage--an offer which Activision has oddly expanded.

Early adopters, aka "Premium subscribers who activated their accounts for Call of Duty Elite's very first launch day," received an email today detailing Elite extensions. Instead of receiving an extra month of service, Activision is actually offering three.

Premium services, which include clan operations and Elite TV, will be available until March 1st, 2013. One of Swords notes that even if you didn't receive the email, your service will be extended provided you were able to get in on day one.

Of course, will Modern Warfare 3 players want to continue using their Elite benefits once Black Ops 2 comes out? That game will offer Elite services for free when it launches on November 13th.