Get a free copy of BioShock from GameFly

Now is your chance to shoot up with plasmids and waltz with a few Big Daddies and Little Sisters. The GameFly PC client is coming out of beta today, and to celebrate, the company is giving away a trip to Andrew Ryan's underwater paradise of Rapture with a free PC copy of BioShock.

The digital PC client has been in beta for almost a year, and offers 350 Windows games for Unlimited PC play to GameFly members. The catalogue also includes more than 1,500 PC games and 8,000 console and handheld titles to buy or rent. There is also a growing selection of Mac titles.

"We used the positive and constructive feedback from our community during the beta to help make the best product possible," said Sean Spector, GameFly co-founder and SVP of Business Development and Content.

If you have a desire to get back to Rapture, do it quick. Free copies are in limited supply. Just download the client, log in and grab a copy.

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