Capcom pledes to hire 1,000 over 10 years to build internal dev teams

It's not every day you hear about a video game developer planning to expand. Capcom is bucking the holiday trend, and has announced plans to hiring upwards of a thousand developers over the next 10 years, mainly to build its internal development staff and "improve the quality of our games."

In an investor Q&A (via IGN), the company said it wants to build on its current 1,500 developers and "create a larger percentage of our games internally." That would prove problematic to developers like Ninja Theory, who are working on the Devil May Cry reboot, and Spark Unlimited, who are working on Lost Planet 3.

By relying on a stronger pool of internal development talent, Capcom believes that there will be "no significant change in total development expenditures," as the company shrinks its outsourced budget.