Shacknews, GameFly offer 50,000 beta keys for Hawken

If you have been itching to climb into a mech and blow away other mechanical giants in a multiplayer frenzy, GameFly and Shacknews are giving away 50,000 Hawken keys to let players test their skills in an upcoming closed beta beginning on November 8.

To grab a key, all you need to do is visit GameFly's Facebook page for details on how to get your key for the game. The beta will run from November 8-13. Only the first 50,000 people can get a key. Be sure to Like the Facebook page while you are there.

Hawken is a free-to-play mech combat game coming on December 12 from Adhesive Games and Meteor Entertainment. Check out the video below for a look at the game's Assault mode.

BOOM video 14121

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