Hitman Absolution, Nuketown 2025 - Shacknews Daily: November 2, 2012

Hitman: Absolution will be out in less than three weeks, and Square Enix has released a new trailer showing off the "living, breathing world" of the game. Well, there are parts that aren't living and breathing so much after 47 has his way with them. Then, if you haven't heard, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 includes a remade version of the popular Nuketown map--only if you pre-order the game. Nuketown 2025 is a launch-day bonus for all that reserve the game, and here's what it looks like. Finally, have an American Express card and an Xbox 360 system? Listen up, as you'll be able to get a free $10 statement credit just for signing up, and get $75 more just for playing Halo 4.

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