Grand Theft Auto 5 pre-orders detailed, second trailer incoming

Grand Theft Auto 5 has gotten a release window of spring 2013, and pre-orders will start next Monday. And like any big-budget release, Rockstar is offering some bits of swag in exchange for your promise to buy the game. Apparently early pre-orders will get photo viewer keychains.

You might recognize the kitschy keychain style from various tourist traps, but these show off the iconic locales of the fictional city Los Santos. IGN reports that at least four different keychains have been spotted, along with travel brochures. GameStop also has a double-sided poster as part of its goodies.

If you're less interested in bits and baubles and just want to see more of the game, don't worry; that's on the way soon too. A Rockstar spokesman said a second trailer is planned for release soon, but a power outage at its New York office due to Hurricane Sandy has made it hard to pin down a date. Stupid nature!