Mass Effect Trilogy coming to PS3 on December 4

The Mass Effect Trilogy, which includes a new-for-PS3 port of the first game in the series, will be available on PlayStation 3 on December 4th, BioWare has announced. The compilation will be available at both retail and on PlayStation Network; the original game can be downloaded as a standalone game on PSN as well.

Edge of Reality will be handling the PS3 port of the original Mass Effect game. And although the original engine didn't support PS3, BioWare says the PS3 version "runs pretty damn well." We'll put that statement to the test in December.

The PS3 version of Mass Effect will include the Bring Down the Sky DLC integrated into the game. However, it appears Pinnacle Station will be a premium add-on. Both Mass Effect 2 and 3 will include whatever DLC was included in their original retail releases.