Deadly Premonition Director's Cut hitting March 2013

For a game as spooOooOoky and wonderful as Deadly Premonition, you'd expect a trailer released on Halloween to celebrate the upcoming enhanced PlayStation 3 port to be something special. But, as ever, Deadly Premonition defies expectations. The new trailer for the expanded Director's Cut is mostly a load of boring press quotes, but publisher Rising Star has separately narrowed down the release window from Q1 2013 to March. Zach, I think we're onto something.

Rising Star confirmed the narrower window to Eurogamer, which has we Deadly Premonition diehards busy drawing hearts all over March on our 2013 calendars.

As for the trailer, it does offer a very short glimpse at the overhauled visuals and UI the Director's Cut brings, but not long enough to indicate much. Ho hum:

BOOM video 14138