Crusader Kings II DLC adding Aztec invasion

There you are, busy scheming Machiavellian plots to seize control of Europe through careful marriage and the odd proxy war in Crusader Kings II when Aztecs storm your capital and sacrifice your king with an obsidian knife. Such is the promise of new DLC for Paradox Interactive's strategy game, rewriting European history with an Aztec invasion in the 13th century. As well as bringing new gods which demand appeasement, boatloads of warriors, and novelties like potatoes and cocoa, the Aztec ships in Sunset Invasion have carried over new diseases for you to contend with, Paradox's announcement explains. Which all sounds quite tricky. Crusader Kings II: Sunset Invasion is due on November 15, priced at $4.99.

Something something Mel Gibson something Apocalypto something Braveheart something save them.