LucasArts, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs - Shacknews Daily: October 31, 2012

The Walt Disney Company has acquired Lucasfilm and its subsidiaries, including its LucasArts video gaming division, in a deal that's valued at $4.05 billion. LucasArts was working on Star Wars 1313 before the acquisition. Then, Borderlands 2 has been a success for publisher 2K Games, appearing high on last month's NPD chart. In Take 2's earnings report, the company revealed that it has shipped 5 million copies at retail. Then, EA admits that Medal of Honor Warfighter will not meet financial expectations, adding "while we're disappointed in the critical response, we believe this is a good game." But, FIFA Soccer 13 is now "the biggest sports launch of all-time," Electronic Arts has revealed, with 7.4 million copies sold through within its first four weeks of release. Finally, come celebrate Halloween with a peek at some of the things that'll terrify you next year, won't you?

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