Sleeping Dogs sales slower than expected, blamed for Square Enix loss

Square Enix took a gamble when it took over Activision's canceled True Crime game. At the time, Activision VP of developer relations and acquisitions Dan Winters explained that it was a good game, and could be "a very successful mid-tier opportunity for someone."

Unfortunately, the gamble didn't really pay off.

Square Enix has revised its profit forecasts for the half-year ending September 30, now projecting a loss of $5.4 billion yen (approximately $68 million). Square Enix cited sluggish sales and setbacks in various departments as the reason behind the revision, chief among them slower-than-expected sales of the now-rebranded Sleeping Dogs.

Gamasutra reports that "sluggish" sales of arcade games from Square Enix subsidiary Taito, and the delay of Square's social games service, were also cited as factors in the revisions.