New Mists of Pandaria raid dungeon opens

Almost a month after opening up the Mogu'Shan Vaults, Blizzard has unlocked the next raid for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, called Heart of Fear. A schedule for future raid unlocks has also been released.

Only the normal difficulty is available for Heart of Fear, which tasks players with working their way through five Mantid bosses to eventually take on the corrupted Mantid grand empress. The heroic version of the 10- or 25-person raid will unlock on November 6, along with the first half of the dungeon showing up in the Raid Finder.

By November 13, the second half of Heart of Fear will be available in the Raid Finder, and a new raid, Terrace of Endless Spring, will open on normal difficulty. Finally, on November 20th, heroic Terrace of Endless Spring unlocks and the whole dungeon will be open on Raid Finder.

Blizzard said that they had intended for all dungeons to be available November 20, but they have staggered the release a bit more.