EA lowers Medal of Honor Warfighter expectations, but will continue to 'support' game

It's not a sign of confidence when a publisher refuses to send review copies of their game until the day of its release. That's what EA did with Medal of Honor Warfighter, a game torn apart by critics.

EA admits that the game will not meet financial expectations, and as such, has lowered expectations for the game. EA's Frank Gibeau said that while the company "takes quality very seriously," he believes the reviews are not in line with the company's internal testing, adding "while we're disappointed in the critical response, we believe this is a good game."

"We will continue to support this game through the holidays," Gibeau added, noting that there will be one map pack in collaboration with the upcoming Bin Laden film, Zero Dark Thirty. However, given the tepid response to the latest Medal of Honor game, one has to wonder what the future for this franchise will be.