Final Fantasy XIV gets 'Reborn' on November 11

Final Fantasy XIV is getting ready to relaunch as "A Realm Reborn." To prepare for its November relaunch, character data will be saved for the last time on Wednesday.

After that, all Worlds will be taken down at midnight PST on November 11, with a story event that will pave the way for A Realm Reborn. The character data will then be transferred to the updated game. That seems like one sure-fire way to guarantee no one plays the game for the ten days in-between, but it's in service of a better game. Square Enix is also inviting current account holders to become alpha testers. Testing will consist of four phases and focus on "fundamental mechanics."

Final Fantasy XIV was the subject of heavy criticism upon launch, and Square Enix was frank about how difficult it would be to regain fan trust. The company hopes to revive the game with its highly-publicized "Realm Reborn" update, which packs several improvements.