Skyrim 'Premium Edition' outed for Europe

It's nearing the end of the calendar year, which means two things for games: loads of new releases, and gussied-up versions of last year's new releases. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is among those getting a fancy rerelease, at least in some ares of Europe. Amazon Germany has outed a "Premium Edition," later confirmed by Bethesda.

The listing (via Polygon) lists a release date of December 7, which would apply to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Extras include a map, t-shirt, postcards emblazoned with concept art, and The Infernal City: An Elder Scrolls Novel, and a PC bonus disc with trailers, walkthroughs, music, and a 600-page strategy guide e-book. The edition doesn't mention downloadable content, but considering it's multiplatform and the game is still struggling with the PlayStation 3 DLC, that's not surprising.

Bethesda told Joystiq that this version of the game is "only available in certain territories in Europe," like Germany and the UK. No plans have been detailed for a US version.