Weekend Confirmed 136 - Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Forza Horizon

By Andrew Yoon, Oct 26, 2012 11:00am PDT

Host Garnett Lee is back this week, with some disappointing revelations about Forza Horizon. But before that, Jeff Cannata "turns a corner" on the Wii U, talking up the possibilities of Nintendo TVii. Andrew Yoon rants about Medal of Honor: Warfighter, while special guest Andrea Rene gets passionate in this week's Tailgate.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 136: 10/26/2012

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  • First WC Podcast I have been listened to in a long while, first post here in even a longer time, mainly because of the hot button topic discussed starting at roughly the 63:02 mark. So I am sitting here, on the Weekend Confirmed page, BETWIXT between the BLIMPIE ADS with a sandwich, DORITOS, and MOUTNAIN DEW.

    For starters, American Idol is not trying to sell something without personal interaction. At least on American Idol you can actually hear with your own ears the performances. Preview videos and written previews don't compare to this because they are not presented to you in that way. Videos and previews can be edited to suit the needs of those who have a vested interest in making sure the product will have an appeal. On American Idol, a bad performance is just that, a bad performance and you know this immediately because it is live and in the moment.

    Two, and Garnett's piece on Forza in this episode nails this, you "come at me bro" with a lot of hype for a game, and once it hits commerical retail/release, you suddenly have doubts? How is that a useful thing for the people who trusted your opinion back when you posted your initial previews? And this isn't the first time Garnett has done this (Fable III comes to mind).

    Three, personal relations in this industry is no better than insider trading in the stock market - especially when those relations can have an influence on how you present yourself to the world at large via whatever web site you work for. There is a track record of people from places like this moving on to companies within the industry and becoming "community managers" or things that seem more "social network" than actually useful to the design and production of an actual better game. And while Andrea Rene says she would not do these things, she would be the exception and not the norm. An example: Luke Smith. You know what would be awesome for a site like Shacknews, or Kotaku, etc.? A front page disclaimer on what your procedures really are, including what companies will give you for swag and personal accomindation. For good or bad, you post your rules and then you follow them. Perks be damned.

    Four, "the once voice" idea. Here's your breaker for that - Geoff coming out and absolutely destroying a game he is a spokesperson for. If someone like him would come out and be brutally honest, that would make waves, news, etc and would stand out. And if you "care about your opinion" then it is too much of a stretch to think other people might as well? If not, then quit doing the podcast and prove that.

    The big issue here is that people are starting to think the presentation is becoming more important than the game itself. We are tired of hearing "IT TAKES MONEY TO DO XXXXXX" and then have to read about Lauren basically lying through her teeth and trying to cover her tracks (badly, I might add). People are becoming jaded because it seems more about making sure the advertising revenue is there and your job is safe rather than taking a risk every once in a while and being a true researcher into a craft or industry you supposedly love. And Twitter should be regulated because smart a$$ tweets from people like N'Gai today serve no purpose other than reinforce the idea of game "enthusiasts" exist on a different level from the "dirty common people". You know - those folks who actually drop the cash on the game and don't have a special Steam account that drops games into your library at will. People have concrete examples of PR/Marketing bastardization of the process at this point, so sounding like a douche canoe in 140 characters or less DOES NOT HELP AT ALL.

    On a side note, the Doritios and the Mountain Dew with Geoff is not what bothers me the most, it is the fact that the Halo 4 game logo is the smallest of three things in the picture we all have seen. Yes, there is a picture of Master Chief, but to the common person that could be "Dorito Man!" for all they know. That might be an exxageration, but never doubt the least common denominator.

    Ok, just my thoughts. Flame, complain, agree, whatever. It's my opinion on things, nothing more. I now retreat back into the ether.

  • I texted my vote for Jeff in so when do we see the result? Monday?

    For real though my thought are almost exactly in line with Jeff for about the whole episode. The game press discussion in the end is a lot to do about nothing. No one lone "journalist" is going to sway a opinion of buy or not buy. There's too much information and the gamer on these sites has indulged in too much of that information for one piece to make a difference. Think about this you don't come up on WC while flipping through channels on accident, you have to be in the know to even have a chance of finding it.

    What do I want from the WC crew Jeff? Honestly I don't want your opinion, I want you to do what you do create conversation about the hobby I enjoy. Basically just keep having a fun conversation, if that means advertisement fine. I think most of the people who have a problem with that... (Don't really have a day job, and kids don't realize they're not to bright about the real world, and what a job actually requires).

    PS I'd totally pay for the podcast, just as soon as Garnett pays $200 or a copy of flower;)