Grand Theft Auto: Vice City hitting iOS, Android

You probably could've guessed that 2002's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City would come to iOS and Android doohickeys, after Grand Theft Auto III was ported last year, but you didn't know, man. Now you do. Rockstar today announced that the top-notch open-world murder simulator will come to your pocket "later this fall," so soon-ish.

Vice City is a throwback to the glorious neon Eighties, before Drive and Hotline Miami and young people made them cool again, peppered with what I'll generously call references to the likes of Scarface and Miami Vice. It also boasted the finest radio station of any GTA, the new wave-y Wave 103.

Yes, while Vice City was still a bit wonky, before Rockstar truly cracked the 3D GTA formula in San Andreas, it's possibly my favourite in the series. And, soon, in your pocket.

Here's an old, old trailer of pure mood from 2002:

BOOM video 5