Halo 4, Zynga - Shacknews Daily: October 24, 2012

Microsoft has released the gameplay launch trailer for Halo 4, a nice reprieve from the live-action Forward Unto Dawn series and the David Fincher-produced "Scanned" commercial. Then, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus has confirmed yesterday's reports of massive layoffs across multiple studios. In a letter, Pincus said the company cut 5% of its total staff, and closed its Boston studio entirely. It has also proposed closures to the Japan and UK studios. Finally, Far Cry 3's drug-induced jaunt through a tropical island paradise continues to get more interesting with the introduction of a new bad guy to hate. A new trailer shows off Hoyt, a human trafficker that you will need to eliminate with the help of one of his key lieutenants.

BOOM video 14099

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