Star Citizen blows through Kickstarter goal, still short overall

Update: Star Citizen has surpassed it's $2 million goal and is now working on its stretch goals.

Chris Roberts' ambitious return to the space sim genre continues to gather momentum. The Kickstarter campaign for Star Citizen has reached its modest $500,000 goal with 26 days remaining, but the project still remains slightly behind the necessary $2 million needed to trigger the additional funding required to create the game.

The Kickstarter funds, when finally released on November 19, will be combined with the other crowdfunding cash being collected through the Roberts Space Industries site, which was initially crushed under the weight of prospective contributors eager to donate. Roberts then turned to Kickstarter's more stable back-end to help collect funds. The tally now stands at around $1.85 million, with still plenty of time to meet the goal needed to ensure the private investment Roberts' Cloud Imperium Games has been promised for the game.