President Obama wins final debate on Xbox Live

Continuing a trend from the previous three bouts, the Xbox Live audience is again in agreement with many of the wider polls following last night's final presidential debate. Polls conducted on Xbox Live during and after the debate show that among undecided/swing voters, President Obama won over GOP candidate Mitt Romney by a 56/14 margin. 31% declared the debate a draw.

Only 5% of those who leaned toward Obama claimed Romney was the winner, as opposed to 27% of Romney leaners calling it for Obama. Among those who claimed to be undecided at the start of the debate, 39% leaned or became "very strong likely" voters for Obama by the end, compared to 18% for Romney.

This debate focused solely on foreign policy. 46% of undecided voters say Obama has done a good job as commander-in-chief, to 28% who think Romney would serve well as CIC. Undecided voters also broke for Romney in who would do better in a crisis (40/17), and who was more persuasive on policy in Afghanistan (60/14), Syria (71/30), and Israel (67/33). 70% of undecided voters also said Romney hasn't provided enough specifics on his plans to increase military spending; even those who lean toward Romney have a slight edge toward doubting the military increase, with 46% saying he hasn't shared enough detail to 45% who say he has.

In more general terms, 67% of voters think Obama has been consistent with his plans, to 9% for Romney. 34% think Obama is more prepared to lead the economic recovery, versus 30% for Romney.

Obama's weak points came in understanding the needs of the businesses, and his record on the recent events in Libya. Undecided voters say Romney better understands the needs of the entrepreneur by a 51/31 margin. Only 18% of undecided voters support Obama's handling of Libya, to 38% who don't.

Microsoft acknowledges that its demographics are skewed toward young males, but says the results showed an Obama win across age and gender lines. Now that all three debates are over, it's high-time to make a decision and vote on November 6. If you need to bribe yourself to summon the proper motivation, you could pick up Halo 4 on your way home from the polling center.