SingStar goes free-to-play, no longer needs proprietary mics

As expected, SingStar is going free-to-play. A new SingStar app can be downloaded to the XMB with no need for a disc. In fact, there's no need for a SingStar microphone either, as the new app has been designed to work with any USB microphone--including the PlayStation Eye and official PlayStation wireless headsets.

Although the game client is free, individual songs must be purchased from the SingStore or imported from previous PS2 and PS3 games. New to the SingStore are "short demo songs" that you can try before committing to a purchase.

In addition to new trophies, you'll also be able to create playlists using a PSP or PS Vita as a "SingStar Remote." Additionally, you'll be able to share your performances with the SingStar community and Facebook directly from the new app.

The updated SingStar will appear as an icon on the updated XMB in SCE European territories. US launch details have yet to be laid out, but Twitter promises "more news about the US and SingStar to come soon."