Cognition's first episode coming from Silver Lining dev next week

After completing the remarkable accomplishment of its King's Quest fan-sequel The Silver Lining, Phoenix Online Studios set out to make a new adventure game of its own, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller. The supernatural click 'em up's first episode will fittingly arrive just before Halloween, publisher Reverb announced yesterday, on October 30 for PC and Mac.

Cognition is the adventures of the titular FBI agent, blessed with the physic power to touch an object to see visions of its past. This'll come in handy as she hunts for serial killers, and it'll surely all tie into her brother's unsolved murder. Jane Jensen, creator of the spooky Gabriel Knight series, helped out as story consultant.

The game was actually crowd-funded through Kickstarter, before the recent big boom.

Cognition will come in four $10 episodes, or you can get the lot with a $30 season pass, which you can get $5 off by pre-ordering. No need to go pre-ordering willy-nilly, as a demo is out in Windows and Mac flavours.

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