Hitman: Absolution trailer gets all gussied up

Agent 47 has always been a budding fashionista, with his classic sharp suits and an impressive array of costumes covering every fancy dress party conceivable. His wardrobe will expand again in Hitman: Absolution, a new trailer shows, with disguises from judge and cop to luchador and, yes, chicken once again.

It's not all about loitering in the hope that someone will snap his photo for their fashion blog, oh no, disguises let 47 slip into places he shouldn't be. Pick the appropriate disguise and he can dodge guards, get the jump on targets, gather information, and even arrange 'accidents.'

To sell the disguise under scrutiny, he can also affect appropriate behaviours, like scoffing donuts or talking into a shoulder radio as a cop, or mopping the floor as a janitor.

Hitman: Absolution hits PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 20.

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