PlanetSide 2 launches November 20

All the giddy fun of jetpacking, stomping around in mechs, roaming around in tanks, zooming about in VTOLs, and generally shooting faces will be opened up to everyone on November 20, when Sony Online Entertainment's free-to-play MMOFPS PlanetSide 2 will officially launch.

SOE made the announcement during its big SOE Live event in Las Vegas yesterday, also confirming that the swampy third continent, Amerish, will be opened up to players soon.

Though PlanetSide 2 will have optional premium subscriptions and microtransactions, SOE insists that it won't be "pay-to-win." People will mostly be able to pay to get faster unlocks, login queue priority, and the like, though selling consumables like medkits and grenades is somewhat questionable.

To see what PlanetSide 2 is all about, look, here's a showmatch from SOE Live: